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Devils’ Keep Hot Honey Loco


Large 10″ Bourbon Barrel Cake + Ted’s The Bourbon Coffee (10 oz)


Pops’ Pepper Patch Chipotle Salsa


Pops’ Pepper Patch Red Pepper Jelly




Pops’ Pepper Patch Spicy Bourbon HabaGarDils




Barrel Aged & Bourbon Smoked Bloody Mary Mix


Derby-Pie® Chocolate Nut Tart from Kern’s Kitchen


Barrel of Goodness


Bauer’s Candies Modjeskas


Old Forester Modjeskas


BBQ Champion Gift Basket


Best of the Bluegrass Basket


Bloody Kentucky Cocktail Drink Mix


Blue Monday Pulled Crème Candy


Bourbon Ball Flight Large


Bourbon Barrel Foods Jam, Sauce, or Syrup


Bourbon Barrel Foods Seasonings


Bourbon Barrel Foods 3pc Gift Set


Bourbon Barrel Foods 6pc Mini-Tin Gift Set


Bourbon Barrel Foods Bluegrass Soy Sauce


Bourbon Barrel Foods Kentuckyaki Sauce


Bourbon Barrel Foods Worcestershire Sauce


Whole Bean Bourbon Coffee 3-Pack


Bourbon Country Cherries


Bourbon Country Gourmet Sauce


Bourbon Country Habanero Hot Sauce


Bourbon Smoked Pecans


Bourbon Smoked Snack Tin


Bourbon Women Collection Chocolates


Bourbon-Madagascar Vanilla Extract


Buffalo Trace Kentucky Bourbon Balls


Cappy’s Popcorn


Corkcicle Cigar Glass Combo


Creme de Menthe Horseshoe Chocolate


Dark Chocolate Covered Bourbon Cherries


Deluxe Derby-Pie®


Deluxe Stainless Mint Julep Cup 11 Oz


Derby-Pie® Gift Box


Derby-Pie® Kentucky Style


Devil John Moonshine BBQ Sauce


Devil John Moonshine Cherries


Evan Williams 14.5oz Barbeque Sauce


Evan Williams Dessert Toppings


Golden Pecan Pie from Kern’s Kitchen


Evan Williams Bourbon Balls Chocolates


Evan Williams Bourbon Black Cherries


Evan Williams Bourbon Pecan Brittle. 2oz


Evan Williams Mint Julep Mix


FDL Chocolate Dipped Oreo Cookies


Flag Fork Herb Farm Dip Mixes


Governors Choice Basket


Happy Balls!® Bourbon Balls


Henry Bain Famous Sauce, Pendennis Club


Jockey Cap Chocolates


Elmwood Inn Fine Teas


Kentucky Dessert Tray


Kentucky Dill Mix


Kentucky Hot Mix


Kentucky Mulling Spice Mix


Kick It Up with Bourbon Barrel Foods Horseshoe Gift Basket


Lacquered Wood Muddler


Chocolate Horseshoe


Mike Linnig’s Cocktail Sauce


Mike Linnig’s Tartar Sauce


Mini Bourbon Ball Flight


Mom Blakeman’s Pull Candy


Najla’s Gone Nuts Spiced Nut Mix


Najla’s Shortbread


Nana’s Kitchen Banana Pepper Mustard


Ole Kentucky Favorite Syrup


Pappy & Company Premium Bourbon Balls


Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon Barrel Aged Pepper Sauce


Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon Barrel Aged Pure Maple Syrup


Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon Barrel-Aged Old Fashioned Mix


Patti’s Sauce & Seasoning


Mom and Me Peanut Brittle


Pops Pepper Patch Bourbon Marinade


Rebecca-Ruth Bourbon Balls Chocolates