Dan-O’s Seasoning


  • 3.5 oz Bottle
  • Available in Original, Spicy, Hot Chipotle, Cheesoning, and Crunchy!
  • Proudly made in Louisville, Kentucky


Dan-O’s Seasoning is changing the world one table at a time by offering the best all-natural, low-sodium seasoning products on the market.


When Dan Oliver, the founder of Dan-O’s, was in college, his mom gifted him a few cuts of bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs. According to Dan-O, “The next day, my buddy and I started throwing some spices on it…and wow, that chicken was good. After that I started playing around with the recipe,” and the seeds that would become Dan-O’s Seasoning took root. “Any time for the next 15 years that I cooked chicken for friends and family, I used a variation of that spice recipe we came up with that day.”

Dan-O spent years refining the recipe into what it is today while working in the professional sector as his day job.

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