Large 10″ Bourbon Barrel Cake + Ted’s The Bourbon Coffee (10 oz)


Kentucky Woods Bourbon Barrel Cake Large + Ted’s The Bourbon Coffee 10 oz



A Kentucky Woods Bourbon Barrel Cake starts off with a brown sugar cake that is blended with a chocolate cake that has been made with 3 kinds of aged Kentucky bourbon. It is topped with walnuts and then baked, cooled, and soaked in a secret process to bring out the essence of the cake and make it into a unique, moist, and decadently rich dessert. It is finally topped with a chocolate and maple caramel drizzle before it is packed into a handmade wood barrel cake box.

BOURBON ROASTED SMALL BATCH COFFEE, roasted in small batches for consistent richness cup after cup, with the finest Arabica coffee beans, and finished with an enticing whisper of genuine Kentucky bourbon, adding up to an honestly special treat that’s just right any time of day. Enjoy it in all the traditional coffee ways or serve is over ice for a full-flavored, frosty refreshment.

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