Trifecta by Derby Balls


  • 1x Derby Ball, 1x Kentucky Pie Ball, 1x Mint Julep Ball
  • Handmade in Kentucky
  • No artificial preservatives or additives


A great introduction to all things Derby Balls brand! With one of each of their unique stand-out flavors, the Trifecta box is well, a Trifecta! You can’t go wrong with these handmade in Kentucky Bourbon and Pie Balls by Derby Balls.

Mint Julep Ball

Enjoy a Mint Julep with this creamy handmade Bourbon Ball! A creamy minty center and just the right hint of Kentucky Bourbon. Coated in a Belgian dark chocolate, adorned with white chocolate detailing.

Derby Ball

A Kentucky Classic, a Derby Ball is a delicious and creamy Bourbon Ball. Made with just the right amount of Kentucky Bourbon with a creamy, nutty center and coated with only the finest Belgian Chocolate and topped with a pecan.

Kentucky Pie Ball

Enjoy a traditional Kentucky Pie in one big bite! Made with only the finest Belgian chocolate, pecans, butter, sugar, pieces of handmade pie crust and of course, just the right hint of Kentucky Bourbon.