My first book, Bourbon Justice: How Whiskey Law Shaped America, tells the real history of Kentucky’s famous spirit by using only historic lawsuits between the early distillers.  These old lawsuits not only expose long-lost facts, but they also reveal the historical shenanigans and maverick mentality that are part of bourbon’s rich heritage.  It’s a fast-paced read because […]

The Kentucky Double

Quality. Prestige. Legacy. We believe in crafting only the finest quality products. This means absolutely no cutting corners. Choosing the cheapest option is simply never an option. Every element that makes up the prestigious Kentucky Double has been hand selected for their exceptional caliber to meet our specifications. We are proud of where we come […]

The Legend of the Kentucky Hardwood Christmas Tree

According to legend, there was a time during the Great Depression, about 1930 or 1931, when a family from the hills of Eastern Kentucky came up the idea of making a reasonable facsimile of a Christmas Tree from the trunk of a hardwood tree. During that time period, the economy was going through a very […]

Grilling Tips from Shane Best at Kentucky BourbonQ

By Shane Best, owner of Kentucky BourbonQ and the Staff of A Taste of Kentucky Grilling is supposed to be fun — and safe. Use our time-tested tips and some common sense to make the most of your grilling experience. Location, Location, Location Before you start, make sure that you’re grilling in a safe location. Stay away […]

Visiting Kentucky Bourbon Distilleries

If you are in the neighborhood, take a drive through Kentucky’s Bourbon Country with a stop at a historic bourbon distillery! Many of the visitor centers at the bourbon distilleries feature videotaped presentations, historical displays, graphic representations of the bourbon-making process, and well-stocked gift shops. Guided tours of the bourbon distilleries are generally from thirty to […]