We are a small family owned company. We have been proud to source and promote products either made in or in the spirit of Kentucky for 35 years. And we have won a few awards along the way, too. Nothing highfalutin here, no massive corporate office, company jet; just a Louisville based retail store and a warehouse staffed with great folks that want to make your shopping experience as positive as it can be whether in-store, on the phone, or on-line.

Our promise to you: We will do the best we can for you; including shipping quality products in a timely fashion, generally on the same day received, within 24 hours, or as you request. If we make a mistake, we’ll make it right. It happens. We will be available, no need to search forever for a contact phone. You can reach me at 800-444-0552, during most work hours or by email at HERE. I’ll do my best to get back as soon as I can. We will occasionally run shipping or specific product promotions that we think represent real value and will hopefully be of interest to you. We will not barrage you with daily email blasts that seemingly have little value and clog your in-box. No, ‘80% off on the Second Tuesday after a Full Moon’ promotions. You are smarter than that and we respect that. These daily promos we all receive are generally either a discount on an item that didn’t sell (regardless of what they say), or was overpriced to begin with to factor in a discount. Who’s the winner here? We will value both your business, your intelligence and your input. If you have a suggestion, new product, or heaven forbid, a complaint, you know who to contact. Now, all that said, lets have some fun!

Thank you,

Karen & Robert Taylor
A Taste of Kentucky

PS: Visiting the neighborhood? Look us up, would love to meet you.