Uncle John’s oven-baked, grilled-tasting Baby Back Ribs

Taste of Kentucky owner John Hassmann likes his ribs "with a bit of spice" so he tends to cover the entire surface with spice rub. But you may choose just to sprinkle. His homemade spice rub is fairly spicy, so use less if you're sensitive.

4 pounds (or so) baby back ribs
⅓ cup (or so) Uncle John's Spice Rub

Rub the ribs with your favorite spice rub or with Uncle John's Spice Rub. Allow to stand for at least 45 minutes, but overnight in the refrigerator is better.

Fill the bottom of a broiler pan with approximately 2 cups of water, or put a rack in a shallow roasting pan and put water in the pan.

Place the ribs on top of the broiler pan or rack and cover tightly with aluminum foil. Put the top of the broiler pan over the bottom of the broiler pan and place on the middle rack of 300° oven.

Cook for 45 minutes per pound. Check ribs for doneness — they should be very tender, almost falling off bone.

When the ribs are done, remove the foil and broil 4 to 5 minutes to brown, if desired, with or without barbecue sauce.

Yield: Serves 4.