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About Wadia Newman

Wadia Newman is a Kentucky native, who came to Louisville in 1993 after attending the University of Kentucky, Arizona State University, and living and successfully practicing architecture in Phoenix, Arizona, and San Diego, California. Inspired by Kentucky’s rich architectural heritage, she began to draw and document historic and significant buildings in the state. “With my […]

About Yardbirds

Rich Kolb and his father created the first Yardbird nearly ten years ago in Jamestown, Kentucky. The first bird came about from tinkering with scrap materials. People instantly loved them! Today, Yardbirds are still hand crafted in Kentucky (now, Louisville) by a group of artisans and the flock of birds has grown from one to […]

About Derby-Pie®

Derby-Pie® was born nearly a half century ago as the specialty pastry of the Melrose Inn in Prospect, Kentucky. The manager of the restaurant, George Kern, developed the recipe with the help of his parents, Walter and Leaudra. Because each family member had their own favorite name for this new pie, the name Derby-Pie® had to be […]

About Ale-8-One

Ale-8-One, the soft drink unique to Kentucky, has been bottled in Winchester since 1926. Still a closely guarded family secret, the Ale-8-One formula was developed by G.L. Wainscott in the 1920’s, after experimentation with ginger-blended recipes he acquired during extensive travels in Northern Europe. He sponsored one of America’s first “name the product” contests, and […]

About the Kentucky Commemorative Quarter

The Kentucky quarter, the fifth and last quarter in the 2001 State Quarters series, shows one of our most prominent symbols of Kentucky, Federal Hill. The design shows a side view of the famous Bardstown home where Stephen Foster wrote the state song, “My Old Kentucky Home“ in 1852. A thoroughbred racehorse also graces the design of […]

About Doug Prather

For over 24 years equine photographer Doug Prather has captured the beautiful images and scenery that come to mind when one thinks of the Bluegrass. Noted for his pastoral prints of horses in some of the most handsome landscapes in Kentucky, Doug always seems to capture the horse in its most relaxed manner. He believes […]