About James Archambeault

Kentucky photographer James Archambeault’s images have been admired by people around the world for the past two decades.

Through his four books and annual state calendar, Archambeault has become a kind of visual ambassador, communicating to others the rare beauty that Kentuckians know and love. Archambeault has collaborated with historian Thomas Clark on three books: Kentucky, 1982; Kentucky II, 1989; and Kentucky III, 1999 — all with Graphic Arts Center Publishing. He also provided the images for The Gift of Pleasant Hill,1990. His calendar, “Kentucky,” has been published annually for fifteen years.

Archambeault’s work has appeared in a variety of magazines and publications, including Architectural Digest, Smithsonian Guide to Natural America, and the Encyclopedia Americana. His photographic prints are exhibited and sold in shows and galleries throughout the United States and are included in numerous corporate and private collections.

Archambeault volunteers his time for environmental and social causes, including work on behalf of the Kentucky Council on Child Abuse. In addition to his continuing work in Kentucky, Archambeault produces an annual calendar of Pawleys Island, a barrier island off the South Carolina coast.