Weisenberger Mill Mix


  • Available mixes include Cornbread, Hushpuppy, Pancake, Biscuit, and Spoon Bread
  • Just Add Water
  • Kentucky Proud
  • 5.5 oz
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These Bread Mixes from Weisenberger Mill give you Southern Comfort meals with boxed mix effort. ‘Just Add Water’ to one of these five Southern favorites and get a delicious and simple bread in no time!


Pancake Mix

No shortcuts here! Eggs, special leavening, and buttermilk combine to give you a rich pancake batter. Refrigerate leftover batter for several days if your eyes exceed your appetite. Uses flour ground from locally grown soft red winter wheat right here in Kentucky.

Hushpuppy Mix

This mix is the perfect marriage of cornmeal, onion, garlic and spices to give you a real hushpuppy. Save all the fuss by just adding water to this gem! Unused batter may be refrigerated for later use.

White Cornbread Mix

Bake perfect cornbread every time, whether it’s pan bread, muffins or cornsticks. All needed ingredients are included in this dry mix and only water is up to you! Results? Real southern cornbread, not sweet!  Made using locally grown NON GMO corn.

Biscuit Mix

Perfect biscuits every time just by adding water or milk! Weisenberger Mixes blend all the right ingredients, plus buttermilk, with a specially milled soft wheat patent flour. Made using locally grown soft red winter wheat.

Spoon Bread Mix

If you have never eaten spoon bread, you need to try this. Mix as directed on the package; cook in a casserole dish; spoon it onto your plate; lather with butter, and enjoy! Made using locally grown NON GMO white corn.


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