Pappy & Company Tasting Glass


  • 6 oz Glencairn Crystal Glass
  • Lead-Free
  • Hand-wash recommended


Pappy & Company Tasting Glass is the perfect glass for a perfect drink. Glencairn Crystal in Scotland spent decades perfecting their revolutionary Glencairn Whiskey Glass, a small vessel that’s similar to the copita used by master blenders, but with a more practical design fit for everyday bar use. It features a tapered mouth for tasting ease, while still capturing the nose of the whiskey, and a widened bowl that allows the drinker to fully appreciate the complexities of the whiskey within.

Crafted especially for Pappy & Company by Glencairn Crystal, these 6 oz. lead-free tasting glasses are a must for any bourbon lover’s bar. Sold in individual gift boxes.


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