Blanton’s Cigar


They’re Back!! Limited Quantities, While Supplies Last!


Blanton’s Cigar is Back! Enjoy Kentucky’s Original Single-Barrel Bourbon blended with a Premium cigar. Taken from the center-cut or middle sections of the famous Warehouse H, Blanton’s Original Single Barrel was once designated for ambassadors, dignitaries, and Colonel Blanton’s family and friends. Today, everyone has access to the world’s first single barrel bourbon. Blanton’s Original set the standard for single barrel bourbons in 1984.

Blanton’s Cigars are made from Connecticut natural wrapper with Sumatra binder and Dominican and Peru filler. 6×50 Sealed in a glass tube with famous Blanton’s racehorse figure on top. No humidification required.


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About the Famous Blanton’s Stopper

The horse and jockey atop the bottle stoppers are now a recognized trademark of Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon. The rich heritage and tradition of horses in Kentucky parallel that of bourbon. This is our way of paying homage to this Kentucky heritage. Beginning in 1999 a collector’s set of eight different stoppers was produced. The set features a horse and jockey in different strides and poses resembling the stages of a horse race, from beginning to end. Each stopper is marked with a single letter that spells Blanton’s when the set has been completed. The final stopper, marked by “S” always finishes the race in victory!

Additional information

Weight 0.11875 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 7.25 in

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