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Ruth Hunt Sea Salt Caramels


Ruth Hunt Candy Pouches


Blue Monday Pulled Crème Candy


Ruth Hunt Assorted Melt-Aways


Old Forester Modjeskas


Derby Chocolate® Assortment


Taste of the Trail™ Chocolates


Bourbon Women Collection Chocolates


Evan Williams Bourbon Balls Chocolates


Woodford Reserve Dark Chocolate Caramels with Sea Salt 8 oz.


Mini Bourbon Ball Flight


Bourbon Ball Flight Large


Buffalo Trace Kentucky Bourbon Balls


Creme de Menthe Horseshoe Chocolate


Ruth Hunt Candies Malted Milk balls


Sweet Sampler


Mom and Me Peanut Brittle


Chocolate Horseshoe


Bauer’s Modjeskas Gift Box


Bauer’s Candies Modjeskas


Ruth Hunt Candies Covered Pretzels


Pappy & Company Premium Bourbon Balls


Jockey Cap Chocolates


FDL Chocolate Dipped Oreo Cookies


Evan Williams Bourbon Pecan Brittle. 2oz


Single Gourmet Bourbon Ball


Maker’s Mark Gourmet Bourbon Balls


Rebecca-Ruth Bourbon Balls Chocolates


Woodford Reserve Bourbon Balls


Mom Blakeman’s Pull Candy


Woodford Reserve Bourbon Caramels