The Kentucky Double

Quality. Prestige. Legacy.

We believe in crafting only the finest quality products. This means absolutely no cutting corners. Choosing the cheapest option is simply never an option. Every element that makes up the prestigious Kentucky Double has been hand selected for their exceptional caliber to meet our specifications. We are proud of where we come from, our story, and of our high standard of pure excellence.

The Leather

Let’s begin with the Leather part of this distinguished piece. After considering many different leather suppliers and tanneries, we chose to work with Clayton & Crume of Louisville, KY. Like us, they have a high standard of excellence. Their leather is from one of the oldest tanneries in the U.S. Instead of ‘cutting corners’ in their process, they have chosen to stick with time-honored, old-world craftsmanship techniques. We value their hand rubbed finishes and their long-standing history of superior quality. This beautiful leather will age gracefully, like the bourbon and cigars the Kentucky Double holds. It will withstand the test of time to be passed onto future generations.

The Ashtray

We lathe out our own ashtrays from solid 4-inch thick bar stocks of 6061 US Aircraft grade aluminum. This means that our ashtray is one solid piece. There is no chance of it becoming disjointed over time.

The Horseshoe

When we began our search for the perfect horseshoe for the Kentucky Double, we knew that it had to be a racing shoe. We chose the Kerckhaert King’s Plate front shoe specifically for its status as a top of the line racing shoe of winners. Years of listening to farriers from all over the world led to their development of this ultimate multi-faced race plate. In our quest for the best, this was the obvious choice.

The Wood

Finally, our wood is specifically chosen for its unique characteristics. We choose fine, high grain wood with few knots & natural character. We finish each Kentucky Double by hand, making sure to not miss a single painstaking detail. Our finishing process brings out the natural beauty of the wood instead of covering it up. No extravagance is too much, making the Kentucky Double a timeless treasure to be passed on; one generation to the next.

A Work of Art

The work of our craftsman is marked by an outpouring of skill & pride. Each Kentucky Double must meet up to our exacting standards of flawlessness, both in appearance and construction. The result is a new definition of the luxury smoking & bourbon drinking experience, one deserving of this timeless legacy.

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