About Doug Prather

For over 24 years equine photographer Doug Prather has captured the beautiful images and scenery that come to mind when one thinks of the Bluegrass. Noted for his pastoral prints of horses in some of the most handsome landscapes in Kentucky, Doug always seems to capture the horse in its most relaxed manner.

He believes these prints could be a photographic record of Kentucky’s history as the city pushes out and developers move in. He says, “The series of prints were not really intended to be a reminder of things past, but just a love of the landscape. It’s one of our Bluegrass traditions.”

Kentucky Legacy

He has also released a print in a completely different style: “Kentucky Legacy.” This print is a fascinating montage of Kentucky memorabilia: an authentic Kentucky Derby trophy, a U.K. Basketball jersey (Ron Mercer,1998 NCAA Champs), the state tree (Tulip Poplar), the state flower (Goldenrod), the state song (My Old Kentucky Home ), and many other items that are associated with Kentucky.