The Kentucky Fresh Cookbook by Maggie Green


  • 368 Page Paperback
  • 240+ Recipes
  • University Press of Kentucky
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A seasonal food journey with native Kentuckian Maggie Green, The Kentucky Fresh Cookbook takes home chefs through a year in a Kentucky kitchen with more than 200 recipes. With a focus on the cook’s activities in the kitchen, this book guides both aspiring and experienced cooks in the preparation of delicious meals using the delightful variety of foods found in Kentucky. Green welcomes readers with her modern and accessible approach, incorporating seasonally available Kentucky produce in her recipes but also substituting frozen or canned food when necessary. She complements her year of recipes with tidbits about her own experiences with food, including regional food traditions she learned growing up in Lexington, attending the University of Kentucky, and raising a family in Northern Kentucky. The Kentucky Fresh Cookbook acknowledges the importance of Kentucky’s culinary and agricultural traditions while showing how southern culture shapes food choices and cooking methods. Green appeals to modern tastes using up-to-date, easy to follow recipes and cooking techniques, and she addresses the concerns of contemporary cooks with regard to saving time, promoting good health, and protecting the environment. The Kentucky Fresh Cookbook contains a year’s worth of recipes and menus for everyday meals, holiday events, and special family occasions—all written with Kentucky flair.


Praise for The Kentucky Fresh Cookbook

“Maggie Green’s genius really is in her recipe writing. She writes simple, clear, seasonally appropriate recipes that aren’t pretentious, yet are guaranteed crowd-pleasers and will make the cook feel the joy of what it is to prepare good, healthy meals. And then she takes the next step and wraps the recipes in sweet memories that keep the reader moving through the culinary year with her.”—Rebecca Gray, expert editor for the 75th Anniversary edition of The Joy of Cooking

“Maggie Kroboth Green really knows her way around a kitchen and is able to share that knowledge in a clear and engaging fashion. She is savvy at adapting multi-ingredient, to-many-steps extravaganzas into streamlined, approachable daily recipes. The Kentucky Fresh Cookbook makes daily cooking for family and friends a warm and inviting adventure.”—Ronni Lundy, author of Shuck Beans, Stack Cakes and Fried Chicken

The Kentucky Fresh Cookbook may be your favorite cookbook. You will love Maggie’s recipes—your family will love Maggie’s recipes. Her food is delicious and her recipes are so easy. Maggie Green had been a top food editor for many years. Kentucky Fresh gives you access to her incredible store of food knowledge and you will treasure these marvelous recipes.”—Shirley O. Corriher, author of CookWise and BakeWise


About the Author

Maggie Green, a chef, Registered Dietitian, and owner of The Green Apron Company, tests and develops recipes, edits cookbooks, writes about food, and cooks her way to good health, all while promoting the value of simple, delicious home-cooked meals. She lives in Fort Wright, Kentucky.