Bourbon Tails: The Dogs of Bourbon Country Book


By Beth Andrew

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Bourbon is loved in Kentucky, second only to our furry partners.

Bourbon Tails takes you on a photographic journey inside many of the finest Kentucky bourbon distilleries, starring the dogs who make life brighter in their bourbon-loving homes.  Filled with beautiful pictures, dog-inspired bourbon cocktail recipes and whimsical cartoons, it’s the perfect book for anyone whose happy place involves a glass of bourbon in the company of a great dog.

Proceeds from Bourbon Tails benefit the Kentucky Humane Society, which uses proactive solutions to make Kentucky a better place for companion animals.

Beth Andrews is a certified meteorologist, a full time pet photographer and a board member at the Kentucky Humane Society.  Proceeds from the sale support KHS, 

130 pages and 70 or more photos.

Hard Cover.  10.25 x 11.5