The Best of the Best from America’s Craft Distilleries Book


  • 72 Pages Paperback Book
  • 45 Drink and Food Recipes from Across America
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Throughout The Best of the Best from America’s Craft Distilleries, you’ll learn a bit about craft spirits, their distilleries, and some mouthwatering food and drink recipes along the way! This book will take you on a tour of some really great craft distilleries, founded, owned, and run by some of the most dedicated, passionate, and maybe slightly obsessed people you’ll find anywhere. These folks are hands-on; they taste and tweak until they get their recipe “just right” because they won’t settle for anything less. All of them are following a dream – to make crazy-good spirits. And that’s something everybody can be happy about.


From The Best of the Best from America’s Craft Distilleries:

It’s said that during prohibition, the only two places you could legally obtain alcohol were church and the pharmacy counter. Thanks to grit, determination, and that good ol’ American spirit, today your favorite spirits are available nearly everywhere EXCEPT those places.

The best craft spirits are made right here in the U.S. This book celebrates those spirits and their makers, and takes you coast to coast for a sampling of the most mouthwatering food and drink recipes that come directly from the distilleries themselves.

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