Smoke Boards™ Kit



The Smoke Boards Kit is the only Cocktail Smoker you will ever need!

Elevate your smoked cocktail experience with this fun, versatile smoked cocktail kit! This kit allows enhancement of flavor profiles, by using the same type of wood that whiskey and bourbon are aged in as well as 3 flavored wood chips. Igniting your old-fashioned cocktail could never be easier and tastier!

Smokes 300+ COCKTAILS – With 3 jars of wood chips, you have enough wood chips to smoke 100 cocktails from each flavor or 300 in total. Other Whiskey smoker kits and Bourbon smoker kit products offer way less. This means you would have to buy 10 and maybe even 20 replacements to get to this level!

HANDCRAFTED FOR QUALITY AND BACKED BY A WARRANTY – Each Smoke Board Kit has been delicately handcrafted by the Smoke Boards™ team to ensure the highest quality components and they back everything they do with a lifetime warranty if for any reason your kit does not perform to the standards set.

Kit includes:

  • Natural American Oak Smoke Board
  • 3 Jars of woodchips: apple, cheery, and pecan
  • Butane torch (butane not included)
  • Mixing glass
  • Carrying bag

Smoke Boards™ was started by two bourbon drinking buddies in Naples, Florida. We had a smoked cocktail at a bar and were intrigued by the complexity that it brought. One night while drinking bourbon around a fire, we looked at what was available to make our own smoked cocktails. We were surprised by the lack of a complete kit on the market.

It seemed like the main product was a chimney topper and after using that we liked the smoke generated but it just sat on top of the cocktail and quickly went away after removed. We came up with the idea of Smoke Boards™ and began sourcing the highest quality wood for our board and chips, the best torch we could find and put them all in a bag so you could take your show on the road!


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