Sleigh Bells


  • Large Sleigh Bells
    • 65” long x 3.25” wide
    • Leather Strap is ¼” thick.
    • Weight: 5lbs
  • Door Hanger Sleigh Bells
    • 20.5″ long x 3″ wide
    • Leather Strap is ¼” thick.
    • Weight: 1lb
  • The leather has hand tooled appointments and brass accents.
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Handcrafted Sleigh Bells, from Lexington, Kentucky available in two sizes. Enjoy during the holidays, or year round with the Sleigh Bell Door Hanger. These Sleigh Bells are heavy sand cast brass, highly polished and strung on a high quality, hand tooled strap of premium English saddle skirting. While built for a horse, these bells will make a knock out door dressing with large red ribbon and a green wreath. After the holidays they will make a wonderful addition hanging by the fireplace. A word of warning, grandkids will love them!

The Large Sleigh Bells include seventeen bells, each with a number to identify the size and sound. The center bell, number 14, is largest and measures 3”. The bells are lightly waxed not lacquered. The saddle leather has been harness oiled and has had a sealer applied. Should not require any significant attention for 7-8 years.


Way back, when I was young, the rule Christmas morning was that you could not come down from your bedroom until…you heard Santa’s sleigh bells indicating that he was leaving your home. And down the stairs we came…

And we still have those bells!

You can start your own family tradition with this set of beautiful handcrafted sleigh bells. These are actual bells designed for a horse, but a wonderful and creative holiday decoration for your home. They are handcrafted to be a family heirloom, for generations, and made by a one-man shop right here in Kentucky!  These sleigh bells are heavy duty horse tack and not a cheap Christmas decoration. Bells have been used on horses since at least 800 BC for both working purposes and to enhance the beauty of these noble animals.

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