If It Ain’t Kentucky, It Ain’t Bourbon Tea Towel


100% cotton tea towel with If It Ain’t Kentucky, It Ain’t Bourbon art.  28” x 29”.  Proudly tell it like it is!

Great for cleaning up after your friends that don’t know what a coaster is for, or as a hostess or birthday gift.


If it ain’t Kentucky, it ain’t bourbon!

In Kentucky, we’re pretty particular here about our bourbon, and kinda like that picante sauce from New York City, it it ain’t made here, it don’t really count.

This clever and colorful design from Doodles by Rebekah pretty much spells it out, so enjoy a fresh look at Kentucky and bourbon on a selection of items.  All hand drawn, hand printed and handmade in the Bluegrass state.

I hope you will enjoy the unique homespun designs created just for you.

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