Kentucky Shaped Basket



For over 35 years we have created tasteful and affordable gift baskets using wonderful Kentucky made products.  Way back then, we had to search the hills and hollers of Kentucky to find unique quality foods, but today thanks to the Buy Local appreciation and the Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s ‘Kentucky Proud’ program we have an ever growing wealth of resources.

From jams and jellies, to bourbon chocolates, bourbon flavored sauces, country ham, the original Bourbon Barrel cake and the iconic Derby Pie, our staff collects and assembles the best of Kentucky for you.

Gift baskets are a great gift for friends and customers alike.  We can create a custom basket for you or your clients from 1 to 48,000 pieces.  Perfect for saying ‘Your Business is Appreciated’

This gift basket includes:

  • State Shaped Basket/large
  • Kern’s Derby Tart
  • Ted’s Bourbon Roasted Coffee/packet
  • Honey Bear Farm Honey 8oz.
  • Evan Williams BBQ/asst
  • Bourbon Country Habanero Hot Sauce
  • Kentucky Dill Mix
  • Bauer’s Modjeska 2pc.
  • Weisenberger Cornbread Mix
  • Kentucky Burgoo Mix
  • Evan Williams Bourbon Pecan Brittle
  • Dirty Old Horseshoe from Churchill Downs
  • Flag Fork BBQ Mix

Product substitutions may apply due to availability.

Container Dimensions: 25” x 12” x 4”

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