Hot Ruby Cider Gift Set


  • Gift Set includes:
    • 2 Hot Ruby’s Original Cranberry Ciders
    • 1 Sweet Ruby Dessert Sauce
  • Comes ready to gift!


This Hot Ruby Cider Gift Set makes delighting in and gifting Hot Ruby super easy! Give as a hostess gift or bring it along when gathering with friends. This Gift Set includes two 16 fl oz jars of Hot Ruby’s Original Cranberry Cider and one 16oz jar of their newer Sweet Ruby Dessert Sauce!

Hot Ruby is the perfect addition to your mug on a cozy evening. Unlike typical cider, this family recipe marries cranberry and citrus juices with an exquisite blend of spices. Ruby Faye always served is hot, but it’s pretty darn good over ice with any one of your favorite spirits or mixers. Try it with: Champagne, Malibu Rum, Tequila, Vodka, Pecan Whiskey, Ginger Ale, Coconut or Pineapple flavored Sparkling Water.

The Sweet Ruby was created in honor of Ruby’s husband Roy who loved to stir up unique concoctions. This sauce is just that, a rich concoction created from Hot Ruby’s original cranberry cider with added chunks of fruit, pecans, and whole lot of love!

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