Handcrafted Disco Ball by Yolanda Baker



If you like things to be a bit more flashy, than this is for you! Presenting our 12″ and 6″ Disco Balls created by the one and only Yolanda Baker right here in Louisville, Kentucky! These beautiful Disco Balls are handcrafted by Yolanda with her nearly 50 years experience in the field. She’s made Disco Balls for Beyoncé, Madonna, Studio 54, and even the Saturday Night Fever film set, and is the last Disco Ball maker in America.

These Disco Balls have an aluminum shell that strips of mirrored squares are attached to, making them much sturdier – and heftier – than knock-offs that have recently flooded the market. If you’d like your Disco Ball to be more dynamic, we also offer a 3RPM motor to keep it turning!

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