Cheese Board or Cocktail Decks


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These Cocktail and Cheese Board Decks help make entertaining more fun! Never run out of ideas for new charcuterie boards and cocktails to make for yourself and company. Choose between a comprehensive collection of essential cocktails, or boards, and receive 50 laminated cards  with step-by-step recipes on one side and images of the finished product on the other. The set arrives in a storage box, ready for gift-giving.

  • Set of 50 laminated recipe cards in storage box.
  • Written by the editors of Potter Gift.
Cocktail Deck
  • 50 recipes for both classic and contemporary cocktails.
  • Recipe highlights include Whiskey Sour, Mint Julep, Angostura Colada and Kentucky Buck.
Cheese Board Deck
  • 50 creative ideas for arranging and presenting food platters for every meal of the day plus dessert, on any budget.
  • Cards include a Build Your Own Hot Dog (BYOHD) Board, Italian Antipasti Platter and Vegan Board.
Wine & Cheese Board Deck
  • 50 wine and cheese pairings arranged into 5 delicious categories.
  • Spanish Cheese and Tapas with Rioja, Cheesy Fondue with Pinot Gris, Positively Plant-Based with Bordeaux Blanc

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