Bourbon 101 by Albert W. A. Schmid


  • 263 Page Hardback
  • University Press of Kentucky
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In Bourbon 101 you’ll learn that the rumors are true; there are more barrels of bourbon than there are people in Kentucky. In fact, statistics tell us there are nearly two barrels of aging bourbon for every Bluegrass State citizen. With a population of nearly 4.5 million and each barrel yielding close to 200 bottles, it’s safe to say the average Kentuckian doesn’t have to look far for a bottle of amber gold. While Kentucky may be known as bourbon’s home base, for bourbon lovers everywhere, the act of drinking bourbon is about more than just its acquisition. It is a lore and an experience, but most of all it is a legacy. As people across the United States and the world begin to wake up to the allure of Kentucky’s state beverage, bourbon is having its moment—the act of coveting, collecting and savoring bottles is now a worthy passion to pursue. With budding enthusiasts clamoring to know more about this American-born creation, finding an entry point into the history and culture of the spirit is a task not easily undertaken. Bourbon 101 offers a distinctive and introductory approach to learning about the world of bourbon. Award-winning author Albert W. A. Schmid takes students through a crash-course in all-things bourbon including its history, production, and enduring cultural identity. Schmid introduces new enthusiasts to the lexicon of bourbon and provides a starting point for those wanting to develop their palate and find the bourbon that best suits their own taste. Told through the lens of Schmid’s own experiences and interactions with experts in the bourbon world, the book is as much a handbook as it is a love letter to a beverage that has left an indelible impression on those who’ve dared to take the first sip.


Praise for Bourbon 101

Schmid distills the big world of bourbon down to novice basics…. He gives knowledge, love, and enthusiasm. It’s a little bit of everything: some history, tasting tips, culinary information, inspiration, and advice for visiting the bourbon trails.

~Wes Berry, PhD, PhBBQ, author of The Kentucky Barbecue Book

Albet Schmid was a proponent of Bourbon before it was cool. There are few better positioned to teach this subject and no one I’d rather have make me a Manhattan! Bourbon 101 is a great resource for anyone who is new to Bourbon appreciation and isn’t quite sure where to start.

~Maggie Kimberl, president of the Bourbon Women Association and content editor at American Whiskey Magazine

How lucky are we that Albert decided to combine his passion for and deep knowledge of all things bourbon with his extraordinary skills as an educator. He takes us on an entertaining journey through the history of bourbon, which is interwoven with his long and relatable personal history with the drink. This is the book for anyone who wants to learn how to taste, appreciate, choose, and serve the myriad of bourbons now on the market. As if that weren’t enough, Albert also shares the quintessential bourbon cocktail recipes. Now, you’ll have to excuse me. as my Mint Julep awaits.

~David Bonom, Certified Culinary Professional and author of Hero Dinners: Complete On-Pan Meals That Save the Day


About the Author

Albert W. A. Schmid is chef and instructor at Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts. He is the former director of Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management at Guilford Technical Community College, and is the former director of the Hotel-Restaurant Management and Hospitality Management Departments at Sullivan University’s National Center for Hospitality Studies. He is the author of Burgoo, Barbecue & Bourbon: A Kentucky Culinary TrinityThe Old Fashioned: An Essential Guide to the Original Whiskey CocktailThe Manhattan Cocktail: A Modern Guide to the Whiskey Classic, the award-winning The Kentucky Bourbon Cookbook, and coauthor of the award-winning The Beverage Manager’s Guide to Wines, Beers and Spirits.