Bauer’s Candies Modjeskas



Modjeska Candies, a treat you are not likely to forget.  There was a time when just about every Mom & Pop candy shop in every little town made their own version of a soft caramel over a marshmallow center.  They were called a variety of names, caramel pillow, marshmallow biscuit and more.  Unfortunately, like most good things, the candy shops closed and the candies ceased to exist with the exception of the folks here in Kentucky at Bauer’s Candy.  It’s still made the same old way, with quality ingredients and a lots of care.

History has it that a Louisville candy maker, Anton Buseth went to see the Polish actress Madame Helena Modjeska in a play, The Dolls House, in Louisville in 1878 and was so infatuated with her performance that returned the next night, met her and ask her permission to name his confection after her.  She agreed and a large portrait hung in his candy shop until he died and the whereabouts of the portrait remains a mystery to this day.  What was saved was the recipe passed down to multiple generations of the Bauer family that lets us enjoy this again.

Available as original or with Guittard dark chocolate.

Gluten free.


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