Asa Blanchard Pewter 2 Oz. Jigger



The Asa Blanchard Collection

Before Kentucky’s celebrated julep cup, there was Asa’s beaker — a small silver cup shaped like the charred-oak barrels used to age the distilled mixture of limestone-rich water, Kentucky corn and wheat into the finest bourbon. Asa’s silver barrel beakers were unusual and difficult to make. When the traditional mint julep cup emerged, Asa Blanchard made those, too. With their smoothly tapered sides and simple base and top, they would have been far easier to produce in a timely fashion.

Asa’s barrel beakers were not widely copied, most likely because they require extremely sophisticated skills to reproduce. We are proud to say that after 200 years we have re-mastered the fine art of producing the barrel beaker using only the finest Lead-free Pewter and Sterling Silver.  Our line of products celebrate the deeply embedded culture of central Kentucky’s Bluegrass region and are proudly made the old-fashioned way (by hand) in the United States of America.

This irresistible 2″ tall mini- barrel pewter beaker is the perfect jigger. It holds 2 oz. to the rim and makes pouring your favorite distilled spirit or mixing your favorite cocktail that much more enjoyable. Handmade by master craftsmen, they require the same amount of exacting work as the Asa Original and Slim.

A great gift for your favorite Bourbon or Mint Julep aficionado.

Sterling available (call for quote)