About Screamin’ Mimi’s

About Screamin’ Mimi’s

Screamin' Mimi!

The original Mimi (right), shown with her daughter Donna Madden.


For more than 25 years, friends and family of Mimi Cox have enjoyed the flavor of her unique salsa. Fresh and savory with the flavors of tomatoes, sweet peppers, jalapeños, and garlic, it’s a different and refreshing departure from traditional salsa.

In 1992, after encouragement from acquaintances around the country, her daughter Donna Madden started Screamin’ Mimi’s Salsa with her husband Bill Madden. Mimi’s “hot sauce” recipe was the basis for their original product, the Sweet Hot Salsa. Shortly after that, they added the Sweet Hotter Salsa to their product line.

Screamin’ Mimi’s also offers a unique selection of tortilla chips to complement their salsa — Red Indian Corn, Blue Indian Corn, and Garbanzo bean tortilla chips.

Screamin' Mimi's!

All the Screamin’ Mimi’s products have a wonderful fresh and savory taste, which we’re sure will complement any of your kitchen creations. Here at A Taste of Kentucky, the Sweet Hotter Salsa and blue corn chips make a tasty afternoon snack that we’re sure you’ll enjoy, too.