Warm Weather Ice Packaging


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Unfortunately, hot summer days and chocolate just don’t mix.  In order to insure that your package arrives in the best possible condition, we have invested in Styrofoam inserts for our special shipping carton, and include large, and in some cases, multiple 16 oz. cold packs.  This requires us to pass along and additional charge of $6.00 per carton, but assures you that we are responsible for safe delivery.  We will also coordinate shipping dates to insure that your chocolate does languish in a hot UPS or Post Office warehouse over the weekend.

If you decline the special packaging option we cannot be responsible for melting in transit.  Once get through the season, we will return to regular shipping methods and costs.

If you are ordering larger quantities of candies, please contact John at 800-444-0552 or email john@atasteofky.com for special considerations.

We use reusable gel packs that are non-toxic and puncture resistant along with insulated shipping boxes.

I appreciate your understanding.