Kicked Up Horseshoe with Mini Evan Williams Mint Julep Mix Bottle


  • 1 Authentic Horseshoe + 1 Mint Julep Mix
  • Officially Licensed Horseshoe from Churchill Downs
    • Check for the CD sticker on the back
  • Horseshoes varies in size, generally around 5″ x 5


This Kicked Up Horseshoe mini Evan Williams Mint Julep Mix is a great party favor or gift! The horseshoe is authentic, worn in a race from Churchill Downs!

Churchill Downs is the most race famous track in the world and home to the Kentucky Derby. Each horseshoe comes from the backside and has been worn by one of the thoroughbreds at Churchill. We don’t clean the horseshoes, part of the charm is the material in the grooves, but we do tie a little gingham bow on the neck and shrink wrap, keeping the ‘mystery material’ inside. Then a colorful sticker indicating that this is, in fact, ‘A ‘Dirty Ol’ Horseshoe from Churchill Downs’ is placed on the front. Then we add a mini Evan Williams Mint Julep Mix Bottle and shrink again allowing the bottle to be removed and the horseshoe to remain in tact. Finally topped off with a hand made gingham bow.

The only horseshoe licensed by Churchill Downs; a CD sticker is on the back of each for authenticity.

Horseshoes will vary in size, generally around 5″ x 5″

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