Gourmet Flavored Dipping Oil


  • 12.6 FL OZ Bottles
  • Made in Louisville, KY
  • Great as a dip, marinade, or sauce


Grab one of our new Gourmet Flavored Dipping Oils for all your cooking needs! Locally made for a high quality taste, use these oils for dipping, marinating, and dressing to add flavor to anything you’re cooking.


Garlic Herb Dipping Oil: For the garlic lover, there is no substitute for our blend of sundried tomato, extra virgin olive oil, canola oil, spices, and of course garlic! Also makes a wonderful marinade for chicken, pork, or seafood and is fabulous on rice, pasta, or steamed veggies.

Spicy Italian Dipping Oil: A wonderful combination of extra virgin olive oil, canola oil, balsamic vinegar, spices and a hint of garlic. This dipper makes a flavorful salad dressing and is fantastic drizzled on steamed veggies

Pesto Dipping Oil: A tasty blend of basil, garlic and fresh parmesan cheese. Try drizzling this on pasta, pizza, or use it as a meat marinade.

  • 12.6 FL OZ Bottles
  • Made in Louisville, KY
  • Great as a dip, marinade, or sauce


About Little Dipper Company:

The company was founded by owner Susan Jonas. We began with our original Spicy Italian bread dipper, and within a few months added two new flavors: Red Chili Pepper and Garlic Herb. For the cheese lovers, Parmesan with Roasted Garlic was quick to follow the collection. After many requests for an easy, fresh way to grill chicken, our Lemon Pepper was introduced. By the way, it is yummy drizzled on steamed veggies. The most recent addition to our product selection is a Pesto dipping oil.

Little Dipper Company is located in the Louisville, Kentucky area and sells to select local specialty stores and restaurants. We also participate in various craft and gourmet food shows in the Ohio & Kentucky areas. You will now see our expanded selection of products in retail stores throughout the Midwest.

Each bread dipper is made individually by hand, with only the freshest, finest ingredients. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best bread dipping oils available…whether you are purchasing for yourself, or as a unique, special gift for someone else.

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