Derby Glass Set


Whether you want to start a collection for yourself or your children, take advantage of this opportunity, we only have a few sets in stock.



The iconic Derby Glass is unquestionably the most sought after Kentucky Derby souvenir and has been for nearly 90 years.  Initially introduced as water glasses on the dining tables at Churchill Downs in the 1930s, people took them home as souvenirs of their day at the races.  Over time, new glasses were introduced to satisfy the need and now include the names of each of the Kentucky Derby winners since 1875.  Now every year, tens of thousands are produced for an audience eager to add to their ‘Derby Glass’ collection.

If you ever wanted to start, or help someone start, a collection of Derby Glasses, we want to make it easy with a complete set of Official Derby Glasses starting in 1974 through 2020.  1974 was the 100th anniversary of the Kentucky Derby and the first time the name Secretariat, track record holder and Triple Crown Winner, appears on a Derby Glass.

Each glass is in like-new condition and a great collectible from Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby.

This set could sell for as much as $556.96 if glasses bought separately, but we offer the complete set at $299, a savings of 46% plus shipping.