Cheese Board or Cocktail Creation Decks


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These Cocktail and Cheese Board Creation Decks help make entertaining more fun! Never run out of ideas for new charcuterie boards and cocktails to make for yourself and company. Choose between a comprehensive collection of essential cocktails, or boards, and receive 50 laminated cards  with step-by-step recipes on one side and images of the finished product on the other. The set arrives in a storage box, ready for gift-giving.

  • Set of 50 laminated recipe cards in storage box.
  • Written by the editors of Potter Gift.
Cocktail Deck
  • 50 recipes for both classic and contemporary cocktails.
  • Recipe highlights include Whiskey Sour, Mint Julep, Angostura Colada and Kentucky Buck.
Cheese Board Deck
  • 50 creative ideas for arranging and presenting food platters for every meal of the day plus dessert, on any budget.
  • Cards include a Build Your Own Hot Dog (BYOHD) Board, Italian Antipasti Platter and Vegan Board.
Wine & Cheese Board Deck
  • 50 wine and cheese pairings arranged into 5 delicious categories.
  • Spanish Cheese and Tapas with Rioja, Cheesy Fondue with Pinot Gris, Positively Plant-Based with Bordeaux Blanc

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