Bourbon Barrel Foods® Sorghum


  • 8 fl oz jar
  • Made in Eastern KY
  • Refrigerate after opening


Bourbon Barrel Foods® Sorghum is earthy and sweet with a hint of exotic spice. Use in place of molasses, corn syrup, honey, or maple syrup drizzle of biscuits and cheese sweeten your cocktails or beverages. Sorghum Syrup was a staple in southern households in the days before refined sugar became available, it’s Kentucky’s maple syrup! Bourbon Barrel Foods® Sorghum is estate grown by a fifth-generation farmer in Eastern Kentucky. It is harvested by hand and then aged in a bourbon barrel to draw out the intensity of flavors. This all-natural sweetener is a favorite of chefs and adds an earthiness and hint of spice that other sweeteners cannot provide.

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