Whiskey Tasting Flight Tray



Be the best party host or the gift giver of the year with this Whiskey Tasting Flight Tray! It includes five official Glencairn glasses so you can taste an array of drinks at once, plus plenty of space for your favorite snacks to accompany your drinks! This Flight Tray is certainly a unique piece that’ll be sure to bring a rustic charm to your home. Made from upcycled bourbon barrel heads, and finished with food-safe raw linseed oil.


  • Dimensions: 21″ x 8″ x 2″
  • Stamped with the shape of Kentucky and the words “Kentucky Bourbon”
  • Authentic whiskey barrel head center
  • Barrel strap handles
  • Includes 5 official Glencairn glasses
  • Food-safe oil finish
  • USA Artisan and Maker made

In the production of this item, finishes may be hand applied and salvaged materials may be used. Because of this unique aspect, expect unique variations.

Made to order with care. Please allow a 2 – 3 week production time if items are not on hand.

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