Victorinox Simulated Bourbon Barrel Artwork Tinker Swiss Army Knife



95% of the world’s Bourbon is made in Kentucky. And 100% of it starts in a charred white oak Kentucky Bourbon Barrel. We commemorate our Kentucky Bourbon heritage with this Victorinox Swiss Army Tinker, adorned with exclusive limited-edition simulated Kentucky Bourbon Barrel artwork.

The 3 ½ inch Swiss Army Knife Tinker was designed to be slim and lightweight, it easily slips into a pocket to be called upon when any number of appropriate tasks present itself. As a mainstay in our Swiss Army Knife collection, we know it will become the same to yours.

Lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects.


  • bottle opener
  • wire stripper
  • large blade
  • key ring
  • small blade
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • toothpick
  • large screwdriver
  • reamer
  • tweezers

**PLEASE NOTE: The handle material is durable ABS/Celidor with simulated Barrel artwork and not made of wood.

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