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When Isia Shuckman opened Shuckman’s Meat Market and Grocery in 1919, the transplanted Chicago an brought plenty of retail experience with him. But in the nearly 100 years since, the business that once existed inside a former Oertel’s ’92 tavern has made quite a transition from selling meats, bread, and sundries.

Now in the hands of his grandson, Lewis Shuckman, after having been passed down and relocated, the focus at the family business is smoking fish and cheese spreads fresh daily on-site.

We are pleased to offer Mimi’s Garden Fresh Spreads.

Mimi’s Benedictine Spread is a recipe tribute to Jennie Benedict, a Louisville caterer and local restaurant owner in the early 1900’s. She had a tea room that served bite-sized sandwiches with locally grown vegetables. Her most famous of those was her cucumber cream cheese-based filled tea sandwiches. Mimi’s took the recipe for Benedictine and added our own personal touch to this delicious spread that is truly a Louisville Kentucky tradition.

Mimi’s Pimento Cheese Spread is made with freshly grated cheddar cheese, pimentos, cream cheese, and spices that is a throwback to the pimento cheese that my grandmother used to serve us as kids. A creamy mixture of deliciousness!

Mimi’s Beer Cheese Spread is a Cheese and Beer recipe with a mixture of zesty spices fashioned after a steak seasoning that our friend, Fred Kunz, used in his culinary works from the Louisville restaurant, Kunz’s The Dutchman. I had always loved that spice recipe and I worked hard to duplicate it in my Beer Cheese spread.

You will notice a hint of garlic, Worcestershire sauce, and just a little heat from cayenne pepper.

Mimi’s Green Olive Dip is our newest creation. It is made with premium green olives, cream cheese, red pimentos, and lemon juice to add the burst of tartness that gives this spread its uniqueness.

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