Kentucky Snow Native Kentucky Ornament


It is approximately 4″ by 1-3/4″ (100 mm by 40 mm) and has a clear natural finish.

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We recently learned that Dick Scheu passed away in January of 2019.  He was a gentle and talented man who enjoyed his work and his friends in the Kentucky crafts industry.  We have secured the remaining inventory of his beautiful and detailed ornaments for our clients.  We will miss Dick as both a quiet friend and a gifted artist. I hope you enjoy his work.

Dick Scheu has been a woodworker since early childhood. When he was thirteen, his father bought a new Mark V ShopSmith. He helped his father assemble it, which began a long woodworking apprenticeship. Dick still has the very same ShopSmith today, and every time he uses it he treasures the memories of the times he and his father spent together. He says “It’s a way of staying connected to my beginnings as a woodworker. Sometimes I can almost feel my dad’s presence while I’m working.”

Dick is a juried member of the Kentucky Craft Marketing Program, the Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen, Louisville Artisan Guild and The Ohio Designer Craftsmen. He is also a past vice-president of the KYANA Woodcrafters Club and was editor of their newsletter for many years.

The native Kentucky ornament is by far the most popular of all his handcrafted styles, and requires the most time and patience.  Each piece cut to fit exactly then assembled and glued, finally a clear finish added.  Each piece represent one of the many woods native Kentucky.    Own a unique piece of Kentucky craftsmanship and art.  Gift boxed.  A great personal or corporate gift.

The woods of Kentucky are listed in order from west to east as follows:

1 Holly 7 Buckeye 13 Osage 19 Walnut
2 White Oak 8 Hickory 14 Locust 20 Maple
3 Basswood 9 Green Poplar 15 Persimmon 21 Red Elm
4 Butternut 10 Beech 16 Cherry 22 Soft Maple
5 Hackberry 11 Ash 17 Birch 23 Coffee
6 Red Oak 12 Black Gum 18 Sassafras 24 Sycamore

Bourbon Barrel Ornament and Horseshoe Ornament

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