Kentucky Bad Dog Jelly


8 oz.


Bad Dog jelly gets it’s name from Abby a white lab who used to have serious separation anxiety issues as a puppy, and caused damage to the drywall and other issues in the home. Seemingly destined to be a ‘bad dog’ forever, but fortunately has outgrown her issues and remains a valued member of the family, but the name remains.
In 2015 George broke his foot playing kickball with the kinds and while laid up, decided to revisit his farming roots by making jelly. Not content with just plain ‘jelly’, George and Jenny added a twist to the typical pepper jelly by blending in hotter peppers and they were off and running.
Now with nearly 20 flavors, each is unique and is perfect for a glaze while grilling, making meatballs in a crock pot and added to pastry for desserts. Serve over cream cheese for a great summer snack with crackers. You’ll find dozens ways to use and serve family and friends.
So, kick back and add a bit of Kentucky Proud heat to your life.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in