Ghyslain’s Turtle Mosaique


  • Limited Release


Ghyslain’s Turtle Mosaique are homemade milk chocolate turtles and are among a popular gift-giving items, no matter the occasion! That’s because customers young and old are enchanted by the shape, color and detail of each chocolate turtle.

This 6-count signature window box with metallic gold surround beautifully presents the Turtle Mosaique assortment, and is guaranteed to be your new favorite indulgence. Each hand-painted color represents a different toasted gourmet nut delicately tucked into a shell filled with butter caramel: pecan, walnut, almond, pistachio, cashew and macadamia.


Ghyslain’s Turtle Mosaique Collection: Red Turtle (pecan), Blue Turtle (walnut), Brown Turtle (almond), Green Turtle (pistachio), Yellow Turtle (cashew) and White Turtle (macadamia).


Care Instructions: 

Due to the delicate nature of this product, it’s recommend you store product in a cool, dry place. The proper environment for these chocolates is 65-70° F and low humidity. Storage in a refrigerator is not recommended.


Ghyslain’s Story:

An artist may express himself in many ways. For Ghyslain Maurais, it has been through chocolate and pastry. Born in Québec, Canada, Ghyslain found his culinary passion while working in the field to fund his architectural education. Soon after, he changed career paths and entered the Institue du Tourisme et d’Hotelerie du Québec.

Certified in French pastry, chocolate décor, candy making, blown/pulled sugar and bread making, Ghyslain has served as the head chef for the Quèbec Delegations in New York and London. His career includes experience as both a pastry and executive chef in first class restaurants and hotels.

While working at the Inn of Versailles in Ohio, Chef Ghyslain met his wife, Susan. Together they relocated to her hometown in Union City, Indiana to establish Ghyslain Chocolatier.

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