Devils’ Keep Bourbon Barrel Honey





Lisa Vernon is a beekeeper from Eastern Kentucky and has developed a creative way to market her honey.  Recalling her father, who told her that he would fill a barrel with moonshine, and later, when he emptied it, a portion was missing.  He called the moonshine that evaporated off the top of the barrel, the Angel’s Keep. The part that remained was then, the Devil’s Keep.

Lisa’s Devils Keep honey is aged in a wet bourbon barrel.  It captures the remnants of the aged bourbon from the walls of the charred barrel and thus, the birth of Devil’s Keep Honey.

Smooth and flavorful, Devil’s Keep Bourbon Barrel Raw Honey adds a new dimension to your honey recipes.  On your biscuit or as a glaze for your grilled chicken, chops, or as a dipping sauce, you’ll find the honey to be a flavorful addition.

Experiment, find your own recipes.

Glass bottle.

Refrigeration is not required.

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