Devil Dust Hot Pepper Spice Mix



Slowly perfected over the course of twenty years by the Waddy Spice Traders, their Devil Dust is a welcome addition to any cook’s toolkit.

Whether you consider yourself a pepperhead or not, Devil Dust is an easy way to add some zing to anything you make. Just sprinkle it in or on your foods before during or after cooking and it makes a super flavor addition no matter how you prepare a dish.

Secret tip: Hot sauces change the fundamental flavor of a dish while they their heat — Devil Dust doesn’t. This stuff is pure pepper flavor just waiting to be your favorite secret ingredient.

Devil Dust is made from a selected blend of hot and mild peppers with no other added ingredients — not even salt.

1.5oz net weight.

Additional information

Weight 0.1375 lbs
Dimensions 1.7 × 1.7 × 4 in