Candleberry Jar Candles


  • Small Candle is 10oz, Large is 26oz
  • A Frankfort, KY Company
  • Soy Blend
  • Single wick – 100% lead-free


Candleberry Jar Candles are great for candle lovers, Spirit drinkers, or Kentucky residents! Their scents range from a Blueberry Donut to Classic Kentucky Bourbon. Explore Candleberry scents in both their 10 or 26oz Jar Candles.

  • 10 oz. candles have an approximate 55-65 hours burn time
  • 26 oz. candles have an approximate150-160 hours burn time


About Candleberry:

The first Candleberry candles were made in 1997 and sold in the Family store. Few of those candle-making methods developed by the family have changed. They are still handmade, with each candle different from the next, and each one considered a piece of art. And the same mixing process from years past is still used today for each fragrance—very precise and measured, with the primary focus being quality.

Today, 25 years and hundreds of new customers later, the target is still customer service, quality, sharing the enjoyment of an excellent fragrance with as many candle aficionados as possible and creating new products that please our customers. That vision permitted us to expand the Candleberry corporate headquarters and factory, which will allow us to better serve customers and create quality candles.

Innovation is our focus. We develop product lines that fit together conceptually and artfully in scent and design. An example is Candleberry’s line of Reminiscent fragrances of the home—decadent and foody—such as Hot Maple Toddy and Pumpkin Praline Waffles.

We invented the Kentucky Bourbon candle and created a full line of Spirits candles, with delicate but lively and spirited notes of bourbon, fragrances loved even by those who are not bourbon aficionados.

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Hot Maple Toddy, Chestnuts Roasting, Kentucky Bourbon, Bourbon Roasted Pecans, Double Oak Bourbon, Farmhouse Cider, Home for the Holidays, Frosted Blueberry Donuts, Candleberry Christmas, Honey Pecan Rum Cake, Harvest Sugar Cookie, Christmas Tree


Small, Large

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