BYOB: Barrel Your Own Bourbon



Now you can have the excitement of Barreling Your Own Bourbon (BYOB) using this exclusive aging kit, the possibilities are endless. The jar includes the same charred and toasted American Oak wood that is used to age your favorite Bourbons. Here’s how it works: Simply pour your favorite un-aged whisky (available at most liquor stores) or liquor into the jar (barrel) of new, toasted and charred American Oak staves and screw on the lid. The American oak staves instantly start the aging process just like it would in a Bourbon Barrel but now you get to watch and taste the process along the way! The jar can not only be used to age your favorite whisky the charred American Oak staves can be used to age and create your personal cocktail as well. Try it with your favorite gin, vodka or white rum as well.

Kit includes:

  • American Oak Barrel Stave
  • Glass Jar
  • Instructions

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