Bourbons of Kentucky Lounge Pants


 Available in all sizes for men or women.


Now you can relax in your silky ‘Bourbons of Kentucky’ , bourbon inspired lounging pants for men and women.

These colorful lounging pants are made from premium quality cena synthetic silk, soft micro material.  They are not cotton or flannel, but rather a light silky synthetic silk like material, almost like ‘going commando’.

Colorfully printed with all your favorite bourbons; a must the the bourbon lover in your family.

BRIEF INSANITY Pajama Pants are made for both women and men. Check out the size chart below to see what size is best for you.

Unisex Pant Sizing (Inches)

Waist: Small: 28-30″ | Medium: 32-34″| Large: 36-38″| XL: 40-42″| XXL: 44″

Total Length: Small: 41″ | Medium: 42″ | Large: 42″ | XL: 44″ | XXL: 44″

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