Bourbon Ball Flight Large


Bourbon chocolates are best when enjoyed within two to three weeks, but may be refrigerated or frozen for longer life.

Perishables, like chocolates,  going to warm areas are often Shipped on Mondays or Tuesdays  to avoid a hot warehouse over a weekend. If you have special requirements, please call us 800-444-0552.


In our stores and on the phone people are always asking ‘what is the best bourbon ball’ and of course, it’s always a matter of personal taste, so here is an idea to answer that question.

If you are familiar with good Kentucky bourbon, you are aware of the concept of tasting and comparing a variety of bourbons to help you understand the subtle nuances of each.

We have expanded that concept to our selection of bourbon chocolates, allowing you to sample six different bourbon chocolates and make your own decision.

Consider inviting friends, or not, and use a hot knife to cut each ball into smaller pieces for a group tasting.

Sampler includes:

  •                 Maker’s Mark 8 oz. 16 pieces
  •                 Rebecca Ruth  8 oz. 16 pieces
  •                 Woodford Reserve 4.5 oz. 9 pieces
  •                 Buffalo Trace 8 oz. 16 pieces
  •                 Happy Balls 8 oz.  9 pieces
  •                 Evan Williams 8 oz. 16 pieces

     Measures 7x7x13 as shown

     Sorry flight board not included.

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