BenShot MugShot Beer Mug 24 oz.


Pretty much everything a beer drinking guy, or gal, needs.  Rock solid 24 oz. beer mug with a .308 bullet firmly wedged in the side.  Nice touch.  Now who wouldn’t enjoy a cold one in this glass.

Guaranteed to be a conversation starter and a perfect gift for the hunter, outdoors man, target shooter or anyone that like an adult beverage from time to time.  Cheers!

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Add a little character to your bar with the BenShot series of barware each featuring a real copper bullet embedded in each glass.  Created by a father and son team, each piece is hand crafted totally in the USA; glass, bullet and boxing, everything.

Perfect gift for the hunter or outdoors person in the family or for the bourbon and beer lover who just enjoys something a little different.

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