Applecreek Orchards Kentucky Bourbon Sauce




As a boy growing up in rural Fayette County, Kentucky, Buddy Hall always knew where to find the best blackberry and strawberry patches. While operating his orchard in neighboring Scott County, he raised only the best varieties of fruits and vegetables. When he wanted to develop his own line of preserves and fruit butters, he looked to the Shakers of nearby Mercer County for inspiration.

The Shakers, who thrived at Pleasant Hill in the first half of the19th century, were renowned for quality, whether it was building sturdy buildings, making functional furniture and brooms, raising prize-winning livestock or cooking simple, but delicious food. Buddy has combined extensive study of Shaker recipes and cooking techniques with his own exhaustive experimentation to produce a unique and delicious line of home style preserves, relishes, salsas, marinades and dessert sauces.

This bourbon-flavored caramel sauce is delicious over ice cream, in pies and cakes, or anywhere else you would use a caramel sauce.

Applecreek Kentucky Bourbon Chocolate Sauce. Our decadent chocolate sauce spiced up with a little quality aged Bourbon whiskey for a Kentucky-style dessert treat. Bourbon whiskey for a Kentucky-style dessert treat.

  • 8 Oz. bottle.

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Dimensions 2.6 × 2.6 × 3.5 in


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