Adam Matthews Bourbon Caramel Cheesecake


  • Bourbon Caramel Recipe
  • Made in Louisville, KY
  • 30oz Pie


Enjoy this time-tested decadent Bourbon caramel cheesecake recipe, passed down from generation to generation. Adam Matthews’ cheesecakes feature the highest quality ingredients, a sweet and buttery graham cracker crust provides a crisp, sugary crunch combined with the smooth and tangy cheesecake cream, kissed with the bold flavors of Bourbon and sweet caramel. Once you taste this cheesecake, you’ll be back for more!


Serving Directions

To Serve Entire Cheesecake at Room Temperature:

  1. Remove plastic wrap from cheesecake.
  2. Thaw cheesecake at room temperature 1.5 to 3 hours and serve chilled.


To Serve Entire Cheesecake from Refrigerator:

  1. Thaw cheesecake in refrigerator overnight
  2. Remove plastic wrap from cheesecake and serve


Safe Handling Instructions

  • Keep frozen until ready to use.
  • Unused cheesecake can be refrozen if completely thawed.
  • cover and refrigerate unused portion for up to 5 days if kept refrigerated.
  • Frozen Cheesecake can be kept up to 1 year.

Additional information

Warm Weather Packaging

Ice Pack, No Ice Pack

Safety Packaging

Bubble Wrap, No Bubble Wrap